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Affiliated Projects

RRTCADD Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Developmental Disabilities and Health:

  • National Health Outcomes Indicators
  • Longitudinal Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Study (LHIDDS):
  • POWERSforID: A Telehealth Weight Management System for Adults with Intellectual Disability
  • HealthMatters Program Scale-Up: Multi-State Systematic Approach
  • The Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on the Health and Function of Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

HealthMessages Program Available for Illinois Residents at No Cost through March 31, 2014

HealthMatters™ Program Train-the-Trainer Workshop: Certified Instructor Workshop

HealthMatters™ Community Academic Partnership – a collaboration between community-based organizations and an academic institution supporting people with developmental disabilities (DD)

HealthMeet APHA Disability Section Webinars to promote learning, provide an opportunity for students to share their research, and network with the leaders in the field throughout the year. (2012 through 2014)

Family Clinic Health for Mothers